No Mud, No Lotus - Thich Nhat Hanh
No Mud, No Lotus - Thich Nhat Hanh

I returned to Colorado from time away to find financial certainty and clarity around where my life was headed. When that wasn’t happening, I panicked. I considered psychotherapy because I knew I needed help with very tough decisions around my future path.

I found KC instead. It was destiny. I enjoyed her teaching in the past, and have followed her progress and grace through her own difficulties. I knew KC was coaching and that the foundation of that process was based on yoga. A fit for me.!!! 

I worked with Kathryn for 8 weeks or more and hated to see our weekly times together come to an end. It has been so lovely and so valuable! I have come out on the other side of our time together with a peaceful and calm presence. There were tears and moments of resistance... it was not always an easy feel-good process, but KC’ s beautiful gentle spirit, and her keen ability to encourage reflection, served to improve my own self-awareness. She constantly reminded me that this may be a time “ in the mud, so that the beautiful lotus, can spring forth.” 

Alas, I can now view this challenging time as a gift, which allowed for the generosity of the search, not simply an answer. She helped me to find the joy in that. My life may still be uncertain, but I am no longer operating out of fear and the paralysis of worry.

We dove deeply into old childhood scripts, that I was still listening, and hanging on to. Through KC’s coaching, my already solid yogic skills developed exponentially. This came about through the processes of developing awareness, reflection, and then releasing the subconscious messages. I learned to use the power of my mind to rewrite my own story. I developed confidence and clarity to listen to my heart, and to turn down the volume of my mind and thoughts. I learned to choose love, instead of fear.

Kathryn’s systematic and structured program, along with her personal skills as a bright and intuitive coach added up to the ideal process for me!

She is VERY GOOD at what she does. I feel great, and have found radical gratitude for the joys AND the pain of the journey,. It is about seeing all of our experiences in a teaching and positive light that makes the path a worthwhile one to walk and enjoy. 

I highly recommend Kathryn’s programs for anyone in times of confusion, uncertainty, or transition, to explore the deeper and truest parts of self and journey. She would also be great to work with when life is going smoothly! She has been an amazing guide who coaxed me toward embracing the joys of life, to trust and surrender to heart and spirit, and to ultimately rest in deep Peace.

Mary G.

My experience with working with Kathryn for 16 weeks has been incredible and totally worth the time. I really enjoyed meeting with her, and talking every week and the awareness and insights it has brought to my life. She has helped me to unlock more of my life's potential and become a happier person in the process. A very powerful and transforming process.

Kathryn is a wonderful woman, a great teacher/coach, and an awesome friend. Discover some of the things that are holding you back, while developing some better tools to make those changes. I look forward to all the great opportunities my life can bring by leading with love and not fear. Thanks Kathryn!

Chris M.

As a coach who has worked with many other coaches, I am in awe of Kathryn’s unique approach, deep insights, and natural gifts in the realm of helping others. I feel quite fortunate to have found her. I plan to use and recommend her coaching services indefinitely!

Tracy L.

Kathryn’s talk on divorce and new beginnings made me feel empowered and understood. It’s hard going through major life changes and we can be so hard on ourselves through the process. Kathryn helped me to see that it is completely normal to have intense emotions around major life transitions. I love how she uses the lotus flower as an example of how we need to push through the muck to eventually blossom back into full health. I’d suggest her to anyone going through a tough transition.

Erik V.

I love coaching with Kathryn. I’m only about half way through our sessions and the change I notice on a daily basis is amazing. I have been able to figure out my triggers for stress and now have an entire tool belt ready to use!

One thing that is so special is how Kathryn presents the tools. Not only does she explain them, she offers her experience with using them so you get a real life understanding. Her genuine excitement for my growth is so heartwarming, she’s not just a coach, she is a teammate and cheerleader as well! 

My entire family has noticed the changes in me already. I am able to handle frustrations or challenging situations without losing my cool, or getting upset. I have been able to set goals for myself and see them through – and all with self-love and kindness. While hosting my family over the holidays, I was able to enjoy myself and my loved ones without letting stress cloud any of the time. I would recommend this coaching to everyone and I’d be so excited for you to start so you can see your amazing self through bright new eyes.

Kristi K.

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